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Have you heard about the King High Line?

A newly proposed pedestrian-cycling bridge in our neighbourhood

A new proposal for our neighbourhood was just recently released and we’re really excited about it. The King High Line is an elevated bridge that would reach from West Queen West to Liberty Village, stretching across both King Street and the railroad tracks and making it much easier to get from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Not only would the bridge make getting around the west end of the city more seamless, but it would act as a public space that people could walk or bike through, or hang out in. It’s both convenient and functional. The King High Line would include lots of seating areas as well and an abundance of landscaping, really turning it into another green space in our city.

Although the idea hasn’t been approved yet on any level, the proposal has been getting a ton of attention. There is even an online petition where you can declare yourself a “Friend of the King High Line” and have your name appear on their website - an idea derived from the infamous New York City High Line’s initial proposal.

There’s no doubt in our mind that something like this would be a success in Toronto. People here often envy NYC’s High Line, which is a raised park built 1.45 miles of old railroad tracks in the city. After two residents of the High Line neighbourhood proposed the idea to the city in 1999, the idea developed and the space was built, with the final section having just opened in September. It’s evident from the NYC High Line that people use it for more than just a means of transportation, but also as a space to spend their time.

We’re already aware that a better connection between neighbourhoods is something that Torontonians want, which is why we’ve included a pedestrian bridge linking Liberty Village to the waterfront in our plans. The King High Line would be a great counterpart to that. Our neighbourhood and the surrounding area would essentially be connected by raised pathways where residents can walk or bike to get to where they need to go, which is exactly how everyone likes it around here. It would be great to see the idea come to life.

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— Published November 12th, 2014 —